Set 25 minutes of pure riding/training time. Includes pilot work and all necessary equipment. There are three types of training: Minimum introductory instruction - 0 euros. Detailed instructions by the pilot during the entire set - 30 euro. Second person (instructor on the boat) for the entire set - 50 euro In any case, you will stand on the board. But the more expensive, the faster. We recommend the third option. All our instructors are at least CR. And we put 95% of beginners on the boards in the first lesson


Puerto Deportivo de Estepona, Torre de Control, 29680 Estepona, Malaga Pier 3, berth number 96

You can book up to 6 sets at a time

Detailed instructions and conditions are located below on the page.

Unforgettable emotions

Stress relief

Let's learn tricks

In any weather

It's more fun together

Cool photos

The instructor will teach


Cool videos

Powerful boats

Boards, vests

Boundless fun

Set without instructor

Nautique Super Air G21
100 25 minutes
  • Boat, pilot
  • Surf board, wave
  • Pleasure and thrill

Set with training

130/150 25 minutes
  • Boat, pilot
  • Surf board, wave
  • Pleasure and thrill
For progress


10 / 30 сетов
900/2400 1 set 25 min
  • Boat, pilot
  • Surf board, wave
  • Pleasure and thrill

Booking rules

To place an order just a few clicks are required.

1. Booking without registration. At the top of the main page of the site, click the “Book” button, select the desired boat (all boats are good), then the date and time. Next, click the yellow “Book” button below. If a suitable time is busy, you can leave a request for it, and we will contact you if it becomes available. Then enter your first name (preferably with a last name), email address (to which we will send a confirmation) and phone number. If instruction is required (we strongly recommend for the first time), check the “Lesson with an instructor” box. And click “Book” again. If successful, the message “Thank you for your booking!” will appear.

2. Registration/booking by registered users. If you are a registered user, you need to click the selection button in the upper right corner and select “Login” or “Register”. To register, you must enter your email address, first and last name and phone number. In the future, you can log into your Personal Account by email. address or phone number without 8 without separators and view or change your reservations.

3. If you are planning to come with children, please note that the number of adults must be no less than the number of children, excluding the boat captain and the rider. We will provide children with life jackets.

4. When booking more than two sets, a prepayment of 50% is required.

5. Cancellation of a reservation is possible no later than 24 hours before the skiing time. If you cancel within less time, we will ask you to pay a penalty of 50%.


Riding certificate. All included: wetsuit, surf board, the best wave, experienced instructor on board.

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Puerto Deportivo de Estepona, Torre de Control, 29680 Estepona, Málaga 3rd pier, berth number 96

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