I'm Vadim Kruglikov. I'm 50 and have been surfing for the last 15 years. I used to fly to Indonesia and Bali on business very often . At some point, quantity turned into quality, and after watching locals for a while I finally decided to try surfing. That moment can definitely be considered a turning point, since my life after that hasn’t been the same! It turned out that practicing skateboarding and swimming in my early childhood were of great use, then I had windsurfing as my major in the department of athletics at university - everything was for a reason, sort of preparation for more, for the real passion of my life, which is surfing.

The only thing that was disappointing was that riding didn’t happen too often. That time I managed to visit Bali up to 5 times a year but I was desperate for more!  

Trying wake surfing once got me instantly hooked because the emotions from riding behind a boat reminded me of that same feeling of happiness from sliding on a board in the ocean! I started riding like crazy, I did a set or even two or three almost every day. Two seasons later I realized that I could not depend on the schedule of those few boats operating at that time, instead I could quite easily have my own boat producing an excellent wave to ride whenever and as much as I wanted and introduce my friends to this joy.

That is how was born COSTA WAKE!


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Nautique is a maker of professional towing boats. The company has been in business since 1924, consistently getting the highest rating for their wave quality, engine performance, boat motion and handling as well as general technical condition.

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